About The Owners

Ted Powers knew at an early age that someday he would be a dealer in unique antiques and collectibles. Visiting with aunts and uncles -- seeing the beautiful glass, lamps, and furniture in their homes -- gave him an instant love of antiques. He saved money from his paper route, allowances, and birthday gifts, and at age 12, bought his first Tiffany lamp for $125, starting him on his antiquing journey.

He and wife Sheila, married in 1977, went on the show circuit, displaying and selling antiques and loving every minute of it. When Ted's sister decided to retire from the Ancestor House in Toledo, Ted and Sheila moved into her existing shop, limiting the number of shows they did on the road. That location, 3148 Tremainsville Rd., Toledo, Ohio, is home to an extensive collection of quality antiques for purchase.

The displays of fine art, glass, cut glass, paintings, jewelry, lamps, furniture and so much more changes on a regular basis as the pieces are purchased to become treasures and heirlooms in homes and offices internationally. For them, it's such a pleasure to watch as clients find a piece they can't pass up. To see a smile that says, "This is what I've been looking for," keeps the business fresh for the owners of Ancestor House and motivates them to stay on the hunt for antiques of quality, value and uniqueness.

Please feel free to contact Ted and Sheila with any questions you have about the pieces displayed on their site or about items you're searching for.